Hello, I'm Roberto

IT Support Engineer by day at Amazon and IoT developer by night.
I always had a passion for exploring how things work, nowadays I create working devices!

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About Me

I started tinkering at the age of 10, I used to disassemble toys, RC cars and even old computers.

From all this destruction, I started my passion in hardware developing, assembling all of these bits cannot be so hard after all... In these years, I attended every Maker Faire in Italy and challenged myself with some curious tech projects.

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My Skills



Embedded programming


Hardware developing


3d printing/modeling


My Projects

  • All
  • Networks
  • Hardware
  • 3D

IoT wildfire detector


LED Star Wars saber


LTE cell installation


Commercial WiFi renovation


DIY 3D FDM printer


Nb-IoT network testing


My Resume


Aug 2019 - Ongoing

IT Support Engineer

I'm part of the IT Support team of the Rovigo warehouse in Italy. I ensure the network and the end user equipment is operating at its best, while also working from the customers backwards to provide the best IT solutions possible! I work in synergy with an awesome team, locally and remotely.

Aug 2019 - Ongoing

Network Engineer Apprentice

I'm part of the IT & Networking team of one of the biggest warehouses in the UK. Learning new things every day!

Jul 2017 - Dec 2017

Hardware developer

My challenge was to develop, test and manifacture a small batch of IoT automation devices. I created SmartGates, a device that allows homeowners to control their entryphone remotely.

My Maison
Jul 2017 - Aug 2017

Networking specialist

The best dental clinic in Milan needs the best network infrastructure. I helped them speed up operations installing super-fast FTTH connections and optimizing their server configuration.


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